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The People to People International Documentary Conference welcomes African documentarists and experts, truth-seekers, change-makers and rebels young and old to our 5th Anniversary Edition


Change is in the air


Since 2007 the conference has aimed to offer the African documentary community a dedicated platform to discuss our politics and craft from our own position and on our own terms. This aim is increasingly urgent as across the continent, a generation full of revolutionary potential is coming of age, making its voice heard and demanding a different future. Inspired by this energy and the genre’s unique ability to inspire dialogue and provoke social change, P2P 2015’s programme is dedicated to exploring the political potential of documentary within a contemporary global context. While documentary as a revolutionary cinema has a long history in the South and elsewhere, political documentary is now being reinvented. It’s rising up meet the digital age and staking its place in an evolving global media ecosystem. At P2P 2015 we’re celebrating this moment of change and possibility, but also asking some big questions. How do we challenge existing North/South dichotomies? How can we contribute to and participate in the technological innovations driving the genre into the future? At P2P we’re committed to no-holds barred dialogue and debate. Are you? Clear your throats and get ready to bring the noise for two days of hot talk and good vibes. See, and hear, you in Durban!